NDSU & JMU players before Frisco

For the third time in four years, North Dakota State University has a F.C.S. playoff date with James Madison.

Credit: MGN

The Bison players have been getting ready for another trip to Texas during Christmas break. Ben Ellefson calls it a dream come true because the focus in Fargo is totally on football.

Ben Ellefson, NDSU Tight End Ben Ellefson said: "You don't have to do any school work or any test of anything like that so it's been a good time. We do a lot of young guy stuff so getting those young guys developed a little bit but also working on our game plan and things like that so we've been working on our game plan for two weeks not. I think we're ready to go and I think it could be a good one."

"They are a really good defense, but we just have to stick to what we know. I don't think they seem a rushing attack or what our lineman are capable of. We just have to stick to what we do an come out and play our type of football," said Ty Brooks, NDSU running back.

"It's routine as weird as it sounds," said James Hendricks, NDSU defensive back. "It's routine for us to practice on Wednesday morning and we're going to go down there and we're going to do what we've done in four of the last five years, at least for us seniors. It's not anything out of the ordinary and we're just used to what's going on with this last winter camp and looking forward to that being an advantage for us this week."

Here's is one of the best game week stats out there. The Bison are trying to become the first college football team to go 16-0 since Yale in 1894.

It was 37-games ago but the last time North Dakota State lost a football contest it was in the FCS semi-finals against James Madison.

The Dukes dropped their season opener to West Virginia. It was a game in which they had chances to win, since then JMU has had 14-straight wins.

The program has been to Frisco enough to know, if the game plan is not done by Tuesday it will not get done in Frisco.

"Our quality work really need to be done here because once we get down there is a lot of different functions for the team. We'll get a couple of walk through's but that will be about it," said JMU Head Coach Curt Cignetti.

JMU Cornerback Rashad Robinson said: "When we get to Frisco everything is going to be moving so fast, and Saturday will be here before you know it so once everyone gets the game plan down and everyone is communicating and getting on the same page while we're here in Harrisonburg means a ton."

"When we get down to Texas there will not be a lot of time to spend with each other. You're not going to be able to sit down for two hours for meetings and things like that," said Dimitri Holloway, JMU linebacker.

We invite everyone to watch the 90-minute Farmers Union Insurance Bison Football Pre-Game Show beginning at 9:30 a.m. CT on Saturday, Jan. 11.