Mystics trip to Tucson

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BISMARCK, N.D. - How would you like to leave for a few days in Arizona right after the first big storm of the winter? That’s exactly what the Bismarck State womens basketball team is going to do.

The Mystics raised enough money to fly, which sure beats a bus trip across country this time of the year. BSC plays three Arizona teams on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Head Coach Marv Pedersen said, "Of course you look at the stat sheet and at some different athletes and who their scorer are, but it comes right down to it we have to get on the court and we just have to play our type of game, and that's the way we handle every type of game, is we do what we do best is by getting up and down the court, transition basketball.”

The Mystics have won nine times in their first 10 games, and defense is the reason why.

Pedersen added, “We try to pressure the ball a lot. We believe in pressing the whole entire court every single time, getting the ball up in the hurry. If they make a basketball, we transition up. We have different types of transition drills that we run every single day in practice. I think the best shot in basketball is a lay-up and that's what we try to get every single time."

The Mystics are on a seven game winning streak.