Mon-Dak Player of Week is Brody Nieuwsma

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Now that we've switched the calendar to the new year, the heart of the Mon-Dak basketball season is ahead of us.

The Mystics have the men's player of the week in the conference.

Brody Nieuwsma is a sophomore at Bismarck State and he says that makes a big difference.

"It's just experience. You know what's coming with every game and the competition that you're going to be playing against and just trying to pave a path for the younger guys so they know what they're going up against every night," said Nieuwsma.

Nieuwsma scored 27 points with 8 rebounds in the Mystics lone game last week.

Brody says the team is at its best when the offense is working as fast as it can while still being under control.

"We just got to get out and run so far we're a team that;s in good shape and we keep working on conditioning during practices and if we can just get out and run on teams that's our strong point. Now we're starting to figure it out and when we get down and set up an offense and move the ball around and get good looks. If we hit those good looks we will be doing really well at the end of games," said Nieuwsma.

BSC is back on the floor tomorrow against Bottineau at the Armory.

It's a doubleheader and it's the second Mon-Dak game of the season.