Minot's Val Curtis wins Fargo Marathon

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MINOT, N.D.- A Minot woman won the Fargo marathon over the weekend.

Val Curtis ran the entire race in 2:43. After crossing the finish line, Curtis spoke with us about the challenges and determination it takes to train for 26.2 miles.

"A lot of indoor miles, a lot of treadmill miles, a lot of miles in the wind, a lot of workouts in the wind. There wasn't anything I wasn't prepared for today. I mean, I trained through it all. The mental toughness of having to run miles on a treadmill the whole month of February. I mean, when it is negative 60, negative 50 outside, you can't get workouts done outside. It's a tough place. It's not a place for a fair weather runner," said Curtis.

Curtis said it is a good race course and the people downtown are a huge support during the race.