Minotauros unveil New Jerseys

Photo Courtesy Minot Minotauros
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MINOT, N.D. - The Minotauros unveiled their new uniforms for the upcoming season. The new home jersey will continue the tradition of the Tauros wearing cream-colored light jerseys instead of white.

The new jerseys will feature two red stripes with black borders on both the body and arms and "TAUROS" across the chest in a new more-modern font compared to past jerseys.

The new road jersey will have a similar design and keep the Tauros wearing red on the road. Instead of "TAUROS" across the chest it will say "MINOT."

The team's helmets will have an orange circle with a Superman inspired G logo for Grantley Johnson, a Tauro fan from Fargo who is battling leukemia.