Minotauros fans helping the community by breaking Maysa Arena teddy bear toss record

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MINOT, N.D. - Minotauros fans should give themselves a round of applause for shattering the teddy bear toss record on Dec. 6.

Eight hundred and fifty seven bears were tossed on the ice, nearly half the amount of seats at the rink. But that's just half the story.

In the seven years of the Minot Minotauros Teddy Bear Toss, none brought more bears to the ice than this year's game!

"Two years ago in this building, we only had 230-something bears. Last year it was up to 617 and this year 858," said Ken Oda, Tauros broadcaster.

There are over a dozen trash bags full of teddy bears, getting ready for delivery to local charities around the Magic City. Once packed up, these fluffy friends are off to the Minot Police Department and the Domestic Violence Crisis Center, where they'll end up in the loving arms of those who really need them.

"Every person who comes into shelter gets a bear on their bed. To watch as kids come in and even adults, it's that one thing that can kind of bring you comfort immediately," said Jill McDonald, DVCC executive director.

The season of giving also seems to work its magic for the Minotauros when competing on teddy bear toss night.

"We're now 6-0-1. The lone loss came in a shootout. Maybe we need to do one every night. We've had a lot of success on teddy bear toss night," Oda said.

While the goals get fans on their feet to cheer, they're also spreading holiday cheer in their community.

The Tauros are back in action at the Pepsi Rink on Dec. 13 and 14.