Minot cheerleaders look back on Citrus Bowl experience

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Four Minot cheerleaders have returned from the Citrus Bowl. It's an experience this group won't forget.

"It was always [something] that you see online, or on Instagram or Facebook," said Joslynn Gonzales. "Actually being there and living in that moment, it's like 'Wow, I made it.'"

"It felt really awesome," said MaKayla Zumbo. "I felt like we were finally being acknowledged as a sport, and we were finally getting the recognition that we deserved as athletes."

Jasmine Davison hopes she gets the chance to cheer at a college football game again.

"I saw the Kentucky cheerleaders and the Penn State ones, and [thought] 'I want to be one of them'," said Davison. "They were all so pretty, and I was watching their stunts and everything during the beginning of the game... I want to do that."

The trip was a wonderful way for these seniors to remember their last year of high school cheerleading.

"It meant so much to me that I got to go to Florida with these three girls," said Harleigh Port. "These three have honestly been there for me [in] my cheer career since the very beginning, so it [was] an amazing experience to be able to be with them."

The squad was also treated to a 27-24 Kentucky win over Penn State and seeing New Year's Eve at Walt Disney World. They were able to make the trip after winning a Superior Team Award at the Universal Cheerleading Association Minot Camp in August and fundraising $10,000.