Medina PB Region 3 Champion

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BISMARCK One of the Class-B Girls Basketball region's that had the interest of the entire state was Region 3 in Jamestown.

The reason for that was four teams were ranked in the top-7 in the final poll of the season so the survivor had to play exceptionally well to make it to Minot.

Medina-Pingree-Buchanan earned that honor as the Thunder took the Region 3 title.

Everyone hold up your number one!

Brett Thielges was awarded the Region 3 coach of the year but that was the last thing on his mind after winning the region championship. Thielges was happy his pre game message hit home with his players.

"We left the locker room before the game started and it was leave no doubts. We got a lot of seniors a lot of senior leadership we don't have any choice but to leave it all on the floor and that's kind of what our message was we didn't talk about the droughts how long its been for both communities it was more or less focused on what we're doing now and take care of today. We got to understand too we have three quality games coming up next week that we got to get ourselves ready for," said Thielges.

Thunder opponents have had a hard time defending Jadyn Pollert and Halle Uehran's high low play. Pollert believes that familiarity was a big reason they pulled away down the stretch..

"It's kind of what we've been doing all season is our high low so i think the fact that we stayed into our roots and it just helped us in the game too because we knew who to look for and me and Halle really know how we work together well and it really helped. I think once it got the final 10 seconds we kinda knew that it was our time and I'm just really proud of our team and how we worked together," said Pollert.

In the fall, Uehran lost in the Region championship game for Volleyball. She didn't want to feel that pain again.

Uehran said: "Making it in volleyball and losing in that championship game we really knew what it felt like to loose in this game so I felt like we had to keep our composure and just pull through and let the playing do the talking. To overcome all the tough teams in our region is by far the hardest part of all of it. We had 4 of the top top teams in the state and to come through and win such a hard game is crazy."

The Thunder were seeded number one for the Class-B Girls State Tournament which starts on Thursday in Minot. Medina-Pingree-Buchanan plays Watford City in the first round.