Maysa Arena's Eck Rink Closed for Winter 2019-2020 for Upgrades

Photo Caption- Maysa Arena Operations Director Jarrod Olson says a supply-and-return line leak at Maysa Arena's Eck Rink led to necessary upgrades.
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MINOT, N.D. - The Eck Rink at Maysa Arena will not have ice this winter due to a leak in one of the supply-and-return lines. Operations Director Jarrod Olson explained why the moved had to be made.

"We just at this point didn't feel we'd want to take the chance of having anything happen to the West Rink when we're trying to fix the supply lines into the Eck Rink, so we kind of made the decision to hold off until the end of the main seasons and get that going this spring and have it ready for next fall," Olson said.

This means that the team will be working to install the rink's turf for use through August, and All Seasons Arena will see a rise in youth games and practices. The new installation will include upgraded high-pressure PVC piping instead of steel piping along with new pumps and a chiller. Olson says it should be good for 20-40 years.