Marauders track heads to Texas

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Eleven track and field athletes from the University of Mary took off for Texas and the NCAA Division-II National Outdoor Meet.

The Marauders head coach says it's been a grind.

"We've been going since mid-August and so here we are at the culmination of a lot of work, a lot of time, a lot of months and these athletes have just been great. They've been committed. They've been disciplined. They've been accountable, great spirits. And when you have a great culture like we do you get those types of things. So rolling through the conference meet with the women winning and the men getting second it's great momentum going into Kingsville," said Dennis Newell, UMary head coach.

Newell says he does not worry about where his athletes are ranked heading into nationals because it's an apples and oranges situation.

"I firmly believe we don't have the same opportunities as a lot of people. We fly out to California once and then the rest of our meets are in 40 degrees, 20 mile an hour winds, snow, rain, ice, cancelled, nine hour trip, we just have so many different circumstances. So for us, the game is just getting to the national meet and we know when we get there we'll perform at a higher level because, again, we haven't had those opportunities and we certainly haven't had them late in the season like this. We're in shape. We're ready to go. We're healthy," said Newell.

The D-II National Outdoor runs May 23 through the 25.