Marauders spring football wraps up

BISMARCK, N.D. - The Marauders have just about completed their spring football workouts. With just one more practice to go, the athletes are making adjustments both on and off the field.

While U-Mary has added new talent to their program, they also welcome a new Offensive Coordinator, Bob Jones. "You know I think if you put our film in, your resume is kind of your film in football. It's kind of the way it goes. But if you put our film in from practice one to practice 13 yesterday, and hopefully again today, practice 14, I think it's, night and day. I would think the kids are learning to do things the right way. Certainly there's still some more stuff to clean up, but there always is, and you're never in a position where you're happy with every dingle detail, but we're certainly getting there, and we've got the foundation that we want moving into pre-season, so I'm definitely looking forward to starting in August, and kind of building up what we've laid the foundation for today."

In addition to the hiring of Coach Jones, the Marauders continue to refine the option offense, and have added new talent to their roster.

With only one practice left of the spring season, the players have noticed development since the start of spring practice. Senior Defensive Back, Jacob Parker says, "We're going pretty good. We've been installing a lot, learning a lot, getting a lot better. Been a lot of young guys and a lot of little mistakes, but we're improving every day, so you know it’s encouraging going into next year. When we first started, it was, you know, a lot of mistakes here, a lot of guys running to the wrong spots, going, just chaos. And now, you know, we're starting to look like a real defense, starting to look like an offense, and go out there and make things happen."

The Marauders will have one more practice during the spring season, and this year there will not be a spring football game.