Marauders in Brazil

Published: Jul. 19, 2019 at 6:40 PM CDT
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Basketball is a global game, something a pair of University of Mary players will get to experience later this month.

Ryan Farrell talked with Rick Neumann about the opportunity.

Right now, I am with the UMary women's basketball coach Rick Neumann, and Rick you had two women over the last numerous years do really well for you and now they have another accomplishment. Why don't you talk a little about that.

"Yeah, we are really excited. Cassie Asvig and Coiral Gillette have been named to the USA Basketball D2 Women's All Star Team and they are going to be able to participate in a serious of games and just the unique culture experience down in Brazil here coming up at the end of July," said Neumann

How did you find out about the event what did the girls think of it?

"Every year, we kind of get a survey from USA basketball about players not only for your team, but players in our region and in our league that we think would be good candidates. From that stand point, got to give USA Basketball credit too, they do their homework and they usually come to me or other coaches, 'would this young lady be interested, we'd like to talk,' so they do most of the leg work. I kind of just fill in most of the blanks. Were fortunate this summer to have these young ladies selected," said Neumann.

How rare is it to have girls selected, let alone two in one team?

"If you look at the history of it, it kind of looks like it goes in cycles depending on where the coach comes from. This year the coach is from Missouri Southern State. That's a school in our region so he had some say in that, as well but there's a good representation of Northern Sun athletes, as well as Mid American Conference MIAA. Some really good basketball players with this great opportunity," said Neumann.

What did the girls say about the opportunity? I'm sure you found out first and then relayed that message?

"Yeah, something like that. Its within a day or two, so I kind of do a feeler would you be interested in those things from there, but they are super excited. Boy, just to have basketball take you to another country while representing our country, that's a bucket list of mine someday to coach this squad, just like I said, any time you get a chance to represent USDA basketball, first class organization and I'm so excited for these two young ladies they have earned it through hard work. Excited to see the stories, the pictures, and we'll try to keep updating people through our website and our social media accounts as they're down there too so fans can follow along with their journey," said Neumann.

Askvig and Gillette will leave on Monday for Orlando before heading Brazil.

The games begin on July 24.

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