Marauders Spring Football

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BISMARCK, N.D. - College football teams have two time frames when they can get on the practice field, the fall and the spring.

The University of Mary held its first two spring workouts this weekend. The Marauders Head Coach Craig Bagnell is in the building phase at U-Mary and contrary to what it may seem like because their games are in the fall, these guys are always working.

"No real off season, it just goes. Obviously the season gets over and it's recruiting and once recruiting wraps up with signing day you get a couple of days off and then it's already talking about 2020 recruiting and then getting ready for spring ball so it's been good," said Bagnell. "I got a chance to go talk some ball with some guys and pick up a few new things and start getting out guys into the swing of things and getting them ready for obviously spring ball."

Bagnell and the Marauders are looking to learn from last fall.

It was a fall that provided the squad with a number of teachable moments.

Bagnell said: "The big thing for us an for our guys was seeing where we need to continue to improve. You look back on a few games here and there and say should, of, could of, would of but it doesn't really matter at the end of the day we still didn't get it done so it's learning from those mistakes, adding the depth that we need, getting