Marauders Football

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The University of Mary football program underwent some major changes during the off-season. They gained a new coaching staff, along with some new players.

The Marauders have got 11 practices remaining before their first game in a couple of weeks.

During fall camp, the coaches have focused on developing a new lifestyle for the players. One the guys are buying into, as Defensive Coordinator, Brett Holinka says, "yeah, I mean we're, our camp says our culture, I mean that's the biggest thing we've got here. We've been pushing the culture that we want these guys to believe in, change the things they've done before, and do it the way we want it done, and they've really responded and done well with that kind of thing, so we're excited going into the fall."

One thing the coaches can agree upon, is that they want to get the games going. For Head Coach Craig Bagnell, he’s ready to see results from a team he’s worked hard to develop.

"Yeah, you know our plan is to get this thing rolling, you know,” Bagnell says. “Coaching careers are crazy, you know, who knows what happens, but our goal here is to be here, get this thing rolling and continue the success, and that's our plan moving forward. So, that's what we're looking forward to doing."

You can hear more from Coach Bagnell tomorrow, when Kaleigh puts him in this week’s Sports Spotlight.