Marauders Baseball back on the diamond

BISMARCK, N.D. - With Spring finally here, the University of Mary Baseball team has started their season. After playing in Florida for a number of non-conference games, they have started their regular season schedule.

Now, where the men are at now, early in the season, is already an improvement from last year. But the number one contributor for their early success is the camaraderie between all of the players. "Baseball is such a long sport, and you know having those guys to make you feel better, you definitely play better,” said senior Outfielder Drew Feuerbach. “I don't think even the crabbiest guy in the world could come into our practice without smiling once."

Senior Pitcher Lane Huck adds, "we're, positive attitude, I think we're a lot better than we think we are, and we're starting to realize that, and we're just figuring out day-to-day that we can compete with anyone we play against. And it's fun figuring it out. Guys are starting to play with confidence, and it's fun seeing guys, awesome."

And while everyone is getting along great together, Head Coach Joel Barta is pleased with what he’s seeing on the field. "Overall, we've consistently played better. We haven't got rattled when things get a little busy. And, plus we've been able to make some pitches that we have to make in big counts. Whether you're in a 2-1 count if it's a hitters count, and your pitcher executes well, we've been able to do that more consistently,"

As the Marauders have already begun conference play, they have had many months of preparation under their belt, so for Coach Barta, they seem pretty prepared to take on the top teams.

"You recruit kids to come and play in one of the best conferences in the country. So, if you're not prepared, or wanting to accept that challenge, you shouldn't be on the field. And yeah we feel we're prepared, and there's nothing more that we're going to try doing, hey we've got to hurry up and put this in, we've had 7 months to do that as far as fall ball and guys understanding our systems, and how we rotate. Those things are prepared what you can, what you can't prepare for is the actual arms that you're going to face, and the hitters, that changes every week."

The Marauders are on the road in Sioux Falls this weekend, but will make their first home appearance of the season next Wednesday against Minnesota Duluth.