Mandan Chiefs finishing their season

MANDAN, N.D. - The Mandan Chiefs have not had the best legion baseball year, but when you have a young team, and you’re going up against more experienced ones, it can be a bit tough.

No matter their record this year, they have just two games left in their regular season, so they’re making use of their time left on the field together.

Senior for the Chiefs, Alex Horner describes it as, "It's been a rough start for us, we haven't won as many games as we would have liked to, but, we're hoping to end the season with some good wins here, and have some fun with these guys while it lasts."

"We've been off to a rough start, but, it's been fun. Like all the guys, they have a good time, and we know we have each other's back whenever something bad happens,” adds senior catcher, Mason Huntley.

The three seniors on this team are trying to enjoy the rest of the season while it lasts, as Huntley is one player Coach Jake Kincaid says has made an impact on this team.

"I think he's the best for our team, behind the plate. You know, I think he's, he erases the opposing teams' running game, and you know I think there's only been like 9 stolen bases that have been attempted on him, and he's thrown out six. So, he's most valuable there, but, he could be valuable at six or seven other positions on the baseball field."

Mason Huntley will go in this week’s Sports Spotlight.