Mandan Braves softball

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MANDAN, N.D. - This is just the 11th-year for high school softball in Class-A.

For the Braves from Mandan, you can still count their seasons in the sport on one hand. Mandan got the spring started with a successful road trip to Watford City earlier this week. The Braves scored 34-runs in those two games.

"I don't think anybody was anticipating playing in the first week of April, maybe Minot was having an indoor facility but it was good just to get outside and just play. We had our first outdoor practice on Monday on the turf and went up to Watford Tuesday. And really we're young with pitching but we're really experienced pretty much everywhere else, which is nice to hear and nice to say because for the last five years we've been inexperienced, inexperienced, inexperienced," said Ryne Jungling, head coach.

Jungling says one of the things you must be in the spring is flexible and having All-Seasons Arena makes that much easier for the Braves.

"It's the facility. We've been able to be out with batting cages again so it's been really good. We've been on the turf a couple of times and get some outside practice but still to be able to throw live in cages so you got to be flexible and who knows it might be good for three weeks and then have a week where it's just really not very good weather but it's part of spring sports."Jungling,

The Braves next games are this weekend against Century and the Patriots just beat top ranked Dickinson twice. ​