Lion's at Legacy

BISMARCK, N.D. - The Lion's All-Star basketball games are in Bismarck tonight and Fargo on Tuesday.

The girls have been practicing in the Capital-City so prior to the luncheon on Monday we had the chance to chat with some of the boys who have been working out in Fargo.

Since the start, it's been a Class-A verses Class-B format.

With fewer teams, it seems like the athletes from the bigger schools know a little bit more about each other than the guys from the smaller schools do.

"Right from when we showed up everyone was great, good guys, a lot of the guys knew each other from before with AAU so a couple of us didn't know them so it kind of took awhile to get used to them but it was still fun," said Cameron Steckler, Mandan Braves

"It's definitely a chance because you used to to in and say we have to beat these guys but having them as teammates you switch you're whole perspective so it's a different feel is it will be really fun to see with having a lot of the best from across the state on one team kind of feel that our and wee what the game will be like," said Josh Sipes, Century Patriots.

The Class B guys are thinking along the same line. They also have a ton of talent but how that talent comes together in game one will determine which side grabs the victory.

"I think we have good team. We have a lot of good players like Wyatt and others, they're super good talents and it's fun playing with them. I think we have a good chance this week. I think we're both equal teams and it's cool representing Class B for the whole state and hopefully we can do well," said Derek Ferebee Beulah Miners.

The Lion's All-Stars are playing at Legacy High School in Bismarck.