Lion’s All-Star Basketball

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BISMARCK, N.D. - If it’s high school hoops in the middle of the summer, you know it’s the annual Lion’s All-Star basketball series. Class B faces Class A tonight at the Bismarck Events Center.

The girls have been practicing in the Capital City, and for every athlete and their family, getting the invitation to play is a big deal. For Watford Cities Mackenzie Sparby,

"It was pretty exciting. My dad is a very big basketball fan so he was very excited to get this opportunity to watch me play one more high school one, two more I guess and getting to play with people that we played against and friends of mine from Class A and getting to come together and play as one is pretty cool," said Sparby.

Another cool aspect for these players is knowing athletes who have played in this game before and playing with or against players who are teammates during the summer.

North Star’s Macey Kvilvang said: "It was back when Jake Hagler played in this Lions game that was the first one I've gone to and I've gone to almost every one since and they're so much fun to watch and I wanted to play in them so it's something I've looked forward to."

For Wahpeton’s Tylee Irwin, "I play with Akealy Moton, Emily Dietz, Macey Kvilvang and McKayla Reinke but they're in Class-B so I guess I'll be playing against then but it's still fun to see them and play with all of them again."

After tonight’s game in Bismarck, they will travel over to Fargo to play on Tuesday.