Linton-HMB Lions Football

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After five weeks of football only five teams remain unbeaten in 9-man football. One of them is the Linton-HMB Lions.

Lions head coach Tanner Purintin said, "Ya, we have had a good start, but we still have a long way to go."

The Lions fast start is led by new head coach and Linton native Purintin.

"Coach Purintin has really brought some new energy to the field. He has worked us hard but it has really paid off so far and we just need to stay with that mindset to keep going the way we have been," said Lions senior Paul McCory.

"It is nice I mean coming into the season I thought it was going to be different with a new coach and everything but so far it has been easy to adjust to and I like him a lot," said Lions senior Jaden Bosch.

Purintin comes back home having learned for four seasons under coach Gibson at Bismarck high

"You know, I had just learned so much from Coach Gibson over at Bismarck High and how he runs his program. So, coming in as a first year head coach I just wanted to establish that culture that they have up there and that was really my main focus. So, we just kind of jumped on that day one and the kids started to buy in and when kids start to buy in they learn the X's and O's a lot faster," said Purintin.

Purintin wants to establish a culture like Bismarck's, but the rules in Linton are a little different.

"My first thought was, 'Oh I am just going to do the same stuff we did at Bismarck High.' And that I was like, 'Wait I have two less players on the field.' So, It has been an adjustment, but I have been studying and learning a lot more stuff on the front end, but I think we have had a pretty smooth transition," said Purintin.

All that studying plus the return of many key pieces has the Lions thinking about their first division title in nearly 10 years.

"Yes we want to win the region but there is always bigger sights but right now we are just going to keep focusing on the games in front of us and do what we can now and than at the end of the season we are hoping to get further in the playoffs," said McCory.

"It would be great because I know our class hasn't won a playoff game yet in our high school careers. So, if we could win a region title and win a few playoff games that would be great for our senior year," said Bosch.

The Lions will look to go 5-0 on Friday night when they take on Beach.