Linton-HMB Boys Basketball

LINTON, N.D. - The Linton-HMB Boys basketball team is 10th in this week's Class-B Poll. The Lions dropped in the ranking after they suffered their first loss in the semi-finals of the Mandan Holiday Tournament that also just happens to be the time we talked with head coach Dan Carr.

"You wouldn't know it tonight but we have some pretty good shooters. I think our kids play pretty hard and don't have a lot of height but they're scrappy," said Carr. "I think they play pretty well together you do have to knock down shots that's a given so we're not real deep and we're a little on the young side but I think throughout this year the kids are going to grow."

The Lions had an excellent football team this fall, making it all the way to the semi-finals so Carr knows his guys have the competitive spirit but Dan also understands that every season is different.

"You never know what's going to happen, and the way small-town Class-B is getting these days, you're limited on how many players you have. And, if you get one that's sick or one that's hurt that changes a lot of things real quick for you and there's different personnel with these kids, and they just need to learn how to work together and pick each other up and those kinds of thing. So, every year is a new experience that's for sure," said Carr

The Lions next game is scheduled for January 7 in Turtle Lake.