Legacy Sabers football preview

BISMARCK, N.D. - The Legacy Sabers graduated their first senior class last year, so for the football program, The Sabers had some rebuilding to do in camps before their season gets underway.

Legacy Head Football Coach Chris Clements said, "We're reloading and moving on."

Call it, a new season for the Legacy Sabers.

"Every year is going to be different, and we have a different group of kids, we have a very capable group of kids," said Clements.

And this year, Coach Clements is working with lots of talent, but only a small amount of upper-classman.

Clements said, "This years' senior class is not very big, but the guys who are there are very good leaders, and they are very committed, and I think what I see so far from that group."

Legacy senior QB Jason Hoekstra said, "You know we really hold the younger kids accountable and we try and make them better so they can make us better."

And being better is what this team strides for, despite finding the depth chart short on experience.

"We're not a very deep football team. I think the guys that we have right now are very very capable of getting the job done.But, you know, knock on wood, like any other sport, you having injuries causes things to happen, and hopefully we stay healthy," said Clements.

Even with the Sabers lacking depth, there are still a number of guys to watch out for, like running back Diamonte Stougelmeyer and wide receiver, Austin Wolf.

"You got to watch out for Austin Wolf, he's going to go up there and get the ball whenever it's up there. On the defensive side, got to watch out for our outside linebackers, they're a pretty deadly pair, and of course our quarterback Jason, he's going to go out there and make plays in any way he can," said Taylor Morrison, Sabers senior Lineman.

And while these guys are fired up for another season of football, they still set the bar high in terms of team expectations.

"I think that we've just got to bring a lot more energy than we have in the past. I think we've got to be a lot more excited to play the game. You know just have that attitude, that really carries off, that carries the game more than what we've been able to do," said Hoekstra.

Sabers Senior Wide Receiver Austin Wolf said, "Well we want to take it all the way, but we definitely want some redemption in the playoffs after getting beat out first round, so we're hoping to come back to that."

For Coach Clements, there's only one thing he wants to see from his guys, and that's progress. "I hope that they get better as football players over the course of the season, that's all that the coaches ever want. For the kids to get better and progress over the course of a season is the most important thing," he said.

The Sabers kick off their season in Grand Forks against Red River on Friday, Aug. 25.