Leah Feland of MLS bringing hoop dreams to Bismarck State College

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MOHALL, N.D. - Leah Feland of Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood is on her way to the capitol to play for Bismarck State College after signing with the Mystics this week.

For Feland, playing college basketball is a dream come true, and BSC is the place to be.

"It's one of the things you think of since you're little so for that to come true is pretty awesome. They play a pretty fast pace which I should fit into pretty well," said Feland.

Feland finished her MLS career with 1,740 points and was grateful to be named Region 6 and District 12 Senior Athlete of the Year.

"It was pretty awesome cause it's not just stats. Your character is good and they think you're a good person as well," she said.

The future Mystic had a vast support system growing up as a Maverick.

"I def had a lot of really close teammates my parents pushed me every game and obviously coaches being able to help me grow as a player and a person to get me to this point," she said.

She says she won't forget the fans, either.

"It was awesome they followed us all the time we had the same people coming up and telling us congratulations and a lot of them have been there for years," she said.

Feland might be seeing them in the stands in Bismarck this winter.

Feland plans on pursuing a career in business or agriculture and returning to the MLS community after she graduates.