Last check-in from the Knoxville Nationals

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BISMARCK, N.D - He's the biggest name in full-time sprint car racing, because Donny Schatz wins. He's also the most dis-liked driver, because Donny Schatz wins. Donny has every reason to be cocky and outspoken, but he's not.

Tony Stewart, NASCAR Driver says, "he won't tell you how good he is, but I don't mind telling people how good he is. I've seen him do things in a wing sprint car that nobody else can do, and it makes you really happy that he's driving your race car and you're not racing against him. So, I love having him as a driver, but I have him as a teammate as well, and he's a lot of help in helping me get better in these cars."

Johnny Gibson, World of Outlaws Announcer adds that, "It really doesn't get to him, but I also think that he feels it, I think he just knows how to handle it maybe better than most. But the statistic that was really eye opening for me, I saw earlier this week, since 2005, Donny's average finish here at the 5-Hour Energy Knoxville Nationals, 1.17 over the course of the last 13 years."

On his qualifying night, the biggest year happened when Donny did not secure a spot in the A-Main, but he qualified through the B, and in the feature, earned enough points to be starting outside now 2 for tonight's championship. If he wins, it will be his 11th Knoxville Nationals title in the last 13 years.