Larry McFall's career spans history of Minot Hockey

Published: Feb. 20, 2019 at 9:03 PM CST
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There's no one like Larry McFall. McFall is a mainstay with Magicians Hockey, from his playing days in 1974 to now broadcasting in the booth, and even driving the Zamboni at Maysa Arena. He's treasured his place in the program.

"You [have to] hang up the goalie pads, and now I get to see every game. I get to work around the kids and talk to them. I get to take care of their playing surface, so it's still pretty neat to be around it," McFall said.

It's hard to think of Minot Hockey without memories of Larry at the rink.

"He's been someone I've known my entire life," said Magicians Broadcaster Nick Hulberg. "Keep in mind he's been with Minot Hockey for 44 years. I'm only 33 years old. I grew up listening to him on the radio back in the day when he was with Charlie Fox, so it's been pretty neat to be able to grow this bond with him now after growing up and listening to him for all those years."

McFall and Hulberg team up for Magicians Radio broadcasts. It's a match that Larry said took "around two minutes" to find chemistry, thanks to their work together at Nodak Speedway.

"We're pretty confident that we're a good team that can relay the information that we need to relay in a professional manner, but yet say what is happening and not color coat anything," McFall said. "If it smells, we're [going to] tell you it smells, and that doesn't always go over so good with everybody."

"He really is the best," Hulberg said. "He's the man. The knowledge that he brings and what it does for the broadcast is another level of great."

The program has accomplished a lot since the Magicians dropped the puck in the 70s, and McFall has been there for it all: from beating hated early rival Bottineau to the team's first state title.

"Minot beat them in overtime. First time that Minot had ever beaten Bottineau, so that one sticks out in my mind. The second one was the state championship in 1992," McFall said. "Finally after 18 years of Minot High hockey we won the big one against Bismarck High, beating them 8-7."

After that first title, though, the Magicians couldn't escape the first round at State until 2014. McFall counts the 2015 championship in his Top-3 moments.

"Outstanding performance by all the players," McFall said. "I was crying. It was just so emotional that they won it again after all those years, so that was a pretty big moment."

Hulberg added that Magician fans are lucky to have McFall in the fold to tell the story of Minot Hockey.

"I think that his passion for the game of hockey, and his passion for Minot High Magicians Hockey, the youth program, the Beavers, and the Tauros, it's unmatched," Hulberg said. "It's unlike anything I've ever seen in my career. He just continues to show his love for it all the time, and I think with that people really buy into what he's doing."

"Definitely just wanted to stay with it," McFall said. "It's pretty neat that I've been there as a player from the very start, so Minot High Hockey is pretty special to me."

McFall and Hulberg will be on the call for the Magicians' state tournament run on

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