Larks warm up online

BISMARCK, N.D. - The Bismarck Larks have an annual event called the Winter Warm-Up. It's designed to get fans excited and ready for the upcoming Northwoods League season.

The event happened on Tuesday night, but it was not at the Kirkwood Mall due to the COVID-19 situation. Instead, the Warm Up was on Facebook.

Larks General Manager John Bollinger was on hand with some season and roster updates, plus he took a couple pies in the face for losing a contest.

But the special guest for the event is Minnesota Twins president and Bismarck native Dave St. Peter and there's no baseball right now.

"It's a little bit crazy. It's unsettling. It's anxiety ridden. There's a lot of things that go with it, right? For reasons that go well beyond baseball with the things that are happening across the globe, particularly in our nation and in our region, there's just a tremendous amount of uncertainty that comes with it," Peter said.

The Twins home opener was scheduled to be on April 2.

Bollinger did say without college baseball right now, the Northwoods League roster will expand to 35 players.