Killdeer Girls Basketball Duo

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The first round of the Lion’s All-Star Basketball series belongs to Class-B. It was a sweep in Bismarck last night with the girls game going right to the wire as Class-B won 72-70.

Killdeer’s Trae Murray and Sydney Anderson played a role in the victory, and they have been playing basketball side-by-side for nearly a decade. But it’s their friendship off the court that helped establish an outstanding relationship on the floor.

"We've been friends since forever. We grew up playing together. We started optimist team in third grade, so ever since then we been side by side we have kind of a mind thing. We always know where each other are on the court and people say it’s a lot of fun watching us so we're kind of a Dynamic Duo from our region," said Trae Murray, forward.

During those long practice sessions when Sydney Anderson was thinking about packing it in, she would look over to Trae to help her finish the workout strong.

"Well me and Trae have a lot in common if you can’t tell,” said Anderson. “We're super competitive and I think that's what really drove us to keep up with basketball and keep pushing and stuff is we wanted to be successful and just having someone with a common drive as you makes it so much easier the process so much easier because there's days where you're in the gym, you're tired, you're sweating, and you want to be done, but to see another face with you out there doing the same thing it just feels so comforting."

Tune into this week’s Sports Spotlight , to find out what’s next for this Killdeer tandem.