Kidder County girls basketball

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KIDDDER COUNTY - N.D. - Every basketball team in North Dakota had dreams of playing in the state tournament but only eight will make it in each division.

The Kidder County girls hope to be in Minot during the first week of March.

The Wolves head into the district tournament with a 7-2 mark since the calendar changed to 2018.

Katie Silbernagel, Kidder County Senior, "We've had a good season and we're playing some good teams like Carrington and Medina-P-B recently and that's good experience to be playing Medina close to districts to kind of get a feel because there's a good chance we might get in the championship with them but there's also other teams that are pretty good like South Border and Napoleon.

Kidder County Senior Grace Benz said, "Our defense is being consistent that's going to be a key for us just playing these though teams. Our defense has to be good every game and offense will come and go every night but as long as you have good defense we'll be fine."

The Wolves do have dome good options on the offensive end. Benz is Kidder County's leading scorer.

"My team's pretty balanced this year. From Grace benz and Katie Silbernagel our two captains. Up and down through practice they have been our vocal leaders and leading by example things like that and all the way down to Madeline Schmidt, Jasly Magstadt and Brittany Rath our five starters have been really balanced this year so I've really enjoyed coming to practice and they're working hard and looking to improve every day in practice," said Kidder County Head Coach Dan Welder.

Kidder County earned a first-round bye in District-6. We'll have much more on Benz Tuesday when she goes into the Sports Spotlight.