Kidder County Wolves Football

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They are 9-1 and in the semi-finals of the 9-Man football playoffs. Kidder County can make school history this week.

Football is all the excitement in Kidder County these days as the Wolves are somewhere they have never been before.

"It feels really good we have never been to the final four in my career and I couldn't have asked for a better senior year," said Kidder County senior Isaiah Harter.

Kidder County Head Coach Jack Biesterfeld said, " It is a good feeling we haven't ever been here before it is a school record and everyone is pretty excited about it."

The Wolves Season hasn't come easy battling in a tough Region 4 schedule.

"It has been a rough season with a little bit up and down but that early season loss to Linton kind of woke us up. It gave us a look at what we needed to do and what we needed to change and after that mistakes were made and fixed right away and we have just been rolling on from there," said Parker Hager, Kidder County senior.

Since that week's two loss Kidder County has rolled off 8 straight wins and even though the Wolves have never been here for their senior class this has been a long time in the making.

"My son is in the senior class he unfortunately is one that got injured in the middle of the year. So, I have been around these guys and football with them since they were in third grade. There was a few of them that went to YFL in Bismarck so my wife was hauling a crew of them there every week as well as a bunch of other moms to we didn't have soccer moms we had football mom's," said Biesterfeld.

And on those long car rides back to Kidder County talk of a goal came out get to the Fargo Dome.

"Ever since 5th and 6th grade football playing in Bismarck and all of us playing together and I really enjoy playing with these guys and I really want to make it to the state championship because I have never been and I have never played in it so that would be a dream come true," said Hager.

The Wolves quest for the Fargo Dome continues this Saturday as they take on Finley-Hope-Sharon-Page.

The Wolves 8th straight victory was a 34-to-28 playoff win over Grant County-Flasher last weekend.