Johnny Roberts to Northern Michigan

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BISMARCK, N.D. - If you're a goaltender with enough talent to play junior hockey, you may want to play for the Bobcats.

Johnny Roberts is the 14th goalie to commit to a Division One school, most of them under the watch of head coach and former goaltender, Layne Sedevie. Roberts is heading to Northern Michigan, next year.

"I think I didn't feel like taking shifts off when I was younger, so I was like I'd rather play the whole game and ended up just being a goalie that way so first of all, I just want to stop the puck but other than that I just want to win a championship. I've never won at any level so I'm hoping to win something here that would be awesome in my last year just to go out on top," said Roberts.

Roberts is tied for the NAHL lead in shutouts plus he's third in wins. Roberts and the Bobcats host Aberdeen on Friday and Saturday of this week