Jay Liggins at Pro Day

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FARGO, N.D. - He went from impressing scouts with his standout interceptions on the highlight reel, to getting the chance to get in front of pro scouts in person.

Former Bismarck High and Dickinson State standout Jay Liggins was part of the Pro Day at North Dakota State on Thursday and so were representatives from 21 NFL teams.

"For all of the scouts coming out here I was excited. I've been training for a while for this, since college, and it's what I really wanted to do is put my skills to the test with some big time guys here in North Dakota. So I would say the day went fairly well. I could have done better with some of the tests, but that's just how it goes, but I was comfortable with how the tests went, but I'm excited to see what happens next," said Liggins.

Liggins says his name has been gaining some traction, but he knows and appreciates that most of his support is coming from people in his home state.

"It's been nice. I think it shows the community I have behind me as far as Bismarck and Dickinson and the guys who want to see me succeed. And I just feel it's huge to have that support. It just means a lot to have my name on such different channels and from being from such a small school it was kind of tough to get that national attention, so I just feel the guys I have in my corner as far as coaches, my agent, and stuff like that, has really helped me to really get my name out there," said Liggins.

Liggins was not the only Blue Hawk there Thursday. Cain Boschee also took part in the Bison Pro Day.

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