Jason Spain accepts UW-Green Bay head coaching job

Published: Jan. 10, 2019 at 5:45 PM CST
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​Jason Spain is moving from Minot State to Wisconsin-Green Bay to become a Division I Head Coach in Women's Soccer. Spain was emotional saying he will miss the community that he's leaving for his next opportunity and looked back fondly at his time in the Magic City.

"It's always been a dream to coach DI, and if I don't kind of shoot for it, you know, what am I teaching all my children?" Spain said. "It just felt like this was the right job, and it felt like it was a community that mirrors Minot a little bit... It was a hard decision."

Spain said having to meet and tell his players that he's moving on was grueling. He said it's tough to leave a program that's meant so much to him.

"The girls told me they were proud of me," Spain said. "I feel pretty blessed to be touched by so many people in this community. So many girls have made me look a lot better of a coach, from youth all the way to the college level."

Spain said he's also going to miss the people he's interacted with in Minot Youth Soccer programs.

"I really have a lot of good friends and a lot of people I care about," Spain said. "All my little kids on my little girls teams-- I care about all those kids."

Wisconsin-Green Bay can use Spain's wisdom to rebound from a 2-13-2 record in 2018, and if his Minot State tenure is any indication, he's up for the challenge of building another contender.

"It needs to rebuilt, and I think that they felt that my experience at the previous two schools is the right ingredients to where it needs to be," Spain said. "I'm going to teach them Jason ball and what it really means to be tough-minded... I teach kids that wanting to win is a large spectrum. I'm going to teach those kids to get to the top of that spectrum [by clawing, scratching, and holding] themselves to a higher standard."

Spain coached 2 All-American and 12 All-Region players in his nine-year Minot State run. He finished with a 109-53-18 record in the Magic City.

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