Holsteins Wrestling

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Tayt Wolding is a two-time state champion in the heart of his senior season for the New Salem-Almont wrestling team.

Wolding and the rest of the Holsteins are preparing for the state tournament that starts Feb. 14 at the Fargodome, and after this year, he will go on to wrestle at the University of Mary.

But Tayt is more than just a wrestler. The Wolding’s are ranchers just outside of New Salem, which is why his commitment to the Marauders, makes sense, as Tayt says: "You know, with the farm you know that’s going to be pretty awesome coming home on the weekends but you know I'm a pretty big home body, too, so that really helps that I'm only 45 minutes from home, too. And, I think you know my mom, my grandpa, and my grandma that live in Bismarck really like that, too, that I'm not going out of state or anywhere."

Tayt’s dad, Dave, is the head coach for the Holsteins, and he believes the ranch will help his son manage his college schedule.

“Well I think what it’s going to do is its going to give him something away from school where he knows that is important for him, but it also I mean financially with him having his heard of cows, he knows he's going to take care of them all, so just making school fit with what he wants to do," said Dave.

We’ll hear more from the Wolding’s tomorrow as Ryan Farrell puts Tayt in this week’s Sports Spotlight.