High school hockey season starts

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Only two teams get to play for a state championship, but one only one gets to hoist the trophy. The Bismarck High School hockey team was part of the title party, but the trophy went to Grand Forks Central.

The Demons begin the season on Friday, and they have a talented team returning. BHS knows that alone does not bring success, you must also put in the work. Head Coach of the Demons, Mike Peluso says, "looking at our group from the last two years we have a lot of guys who had a chance to play in the last game of the year so hopefully we have some residual there and they can kind of build from that and we'll see where they go."

"We had a lot of seniors last year but a lot of the younger underclassmen and seniors now have really stepped up so hopefully we'll have a good year,” said Bismarck’s forward Dain Sardelli.

The Demons will start that year on Friday when they host West Fargo. On Saturday, they play Fargo North.

Peluso says there’s some new aspects to both of those teams.

"There's been a split out East with Sheyenne coming in so West Fargo will be a different make up of players and then you have Fargo North. They just lost their coach here recently, so I's sure that's a little scramble but they'll come and play hard, and that's all we can ask for. Our motto is to try and out work the other team, so I hope they come in and give us all they got," said Peluso.

The Demons regular season schedule is highlighted by both Grand Forks schools after Christmas in Bismarck. The West Region is in Minot, and the State tournament is at the Ralph in February.