High School Gymnastics

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The high school gymnastics season is at about the midway point of the regular season.

The Julie Ziegler Memorial meet is Friday, and it is a good measuring stick to see where teams are looking as they head into next month's State Meet in Dickinson.

The Midgets are the defending champions, but Linda Grina feels like her Bismarck Demons are good enough to earn the title. Grina is the head coach of the Demons, Patriots and Sabers all at the same time.

"I like it because they're all competitive against each other, and then we go to meets and we cheer for everybody. We're just in different leotards. We're on different teams, but we all cheer for everybody," says Grina.

One of the reason's Grina feels BHS could take the State Title is senior leadership from Rachel Dillman.

And the Demons have depth.

"The skills that I'm doing now, I've probably been doing for three years, but I'm still not comfortable doing them. When you're in the meet you don't know if you're going to stick your routine. You hope and you practice it, and you can think that you're going to, but anything can happen," says Dillman.

"Some of my kids now, I started when they were two and three-years-old. They're eighth and ninth graders now, so they're growing into this sport now, and it takes a long time, and they have to have a knack for it and a desire and passion to be here, because this is a hard sport," says Grina.

Rachel says the balance beam is the most difficult. She says it's the hardest to stay on, and it hurts when you fall off.

The Ziegler Memorial begins at 5 p.m. Friday at the Bismarck Gymnastics Academy.