High School Boys Athlete of the Year

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Before he heads out of Bismarck to start his college career, the Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association recognized Legacy’s Austin Wolf for being the High School Boys Athlete of the Year.

What seemed to set Wolf apart from the stacked list of standouts, is he thrived in four sports at a Class-A school. He was All-State in football and soccer in the fall, the Sabers second leading scorer in basketball, and a state champion in track and field.

"Being in soccer, football, basketball and track was a tough task. It was really enjoyable. I had to do a lot of time management and met a lot of great teammates, friends. The endless support from my parents and my family made everything easier. The coaches helped out and they talked and worked well with each other, especially my soccer and football coaches. Coach Clemens and Coach Marcis, they really worked together for practice times and game times and that was the biggest thing about being a four-sport athlete was those two together and making soccer and football work at the same time," said Wolf.

Austin is now a one sport athlete. He’s going to the University of North Dakota for track.

"I'm really excited to start track. I love it, I have a passion for high jump and triple jump. I'm looking forward to the next level that my college coaches can take me. I'm looking forward to my new teammates that I will practice with and I'm just looking forward to wherever I can go."

When it came to deciding which college to attend, UND just felt right for him.

"Well my parents both went to UND, so that made it a little easier because they're familiar with the city, and just the coaches really seemed like they know what they're doing, and they were on the same page as me. Like I wanted to do high jump and triple jump a lot, and they were all for that," said Wolf.

Wolf says this his biggest high school sports accomplishment is winning back-to-back state high jump championships.