Hettinger-Scranton Wrestling

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The High School wrestling season kicked off with the Mandan Lions Classic two weeks ago, and so now everyone is kind of in their rhythm of competing against teams they’re supposed to see. When it comes to class-B wrestling, there’s one team that has one of the best wrestlers in the state, Hettinger-Scranton.

Kyle Burwick is a defending state champion, and while there’s a lot of young talent on his team this year, he feel like this team, this season, should be good.

"As for us seniors, we've been training for quite a while, as for me, I've been, I haven't stepped off the mat since, even though football, you know, so me, I'm ready. I'm ready to get back to competition wise, and I think we're going to lead by example for our team."

Now, Kyle’s dad, Randy, is the head coach, and he talks about how they’ve had to shift some guys around this year to make it all work. "We're pretty experienced, we're young, but I look at these guys right now, and a lot of them have been through the battles. We're going to be a little bit different than what we've been in the past, we're going to have some guys move around some weight classes, especially in dual meets. Just to kind of fill the lineup that way, but good, good quality of kids. They know how to wrestle, they know how to compete, and so with that aspect of it, we're looking for big things this year."

You can hear more from Kyle Wednesday as Kaleigh puts him in this week’s Sports Spotlight.