Heart River Cougars softball

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The Heart River Cougars are tearing up the softball diamonds in 2019 and with an undefeated record people are noticing as the Cougars came in at the number two spot in the latest Class B Softball poll.

"I feel like some times it can cause some nerves like we are second and people are going to come after us but hopefully we can keep our composer and we can work hard and keep winning," said sophomore center fielder Jersey Filkowski.

"I keep telling them that rankings mean nothing if you don't bring it out on the field you know you can have the best team in the world and it doesn't mean anything but it is fun to be recognized," said Head Coach Kendra Schillo.

And winning is what Heart River has done this year and while the Cougars are young with only one Senior on the roster they do have two veterans who have been together since seventh grade in pitcher Abby Kessel and catcher Mattea Binstock.

"I told em' when we first started they are four year varsity starters and this is like their first year in college and they have taken that and really run with it and they have done a really nice job, Schillo.

" Me and Mattea's relationship is really good we are really close and we basically know what the other is thinking all the time and that has been really helpful in pitching and catching in general," said junior pitcher Abby Kessel.

While the Cougars have made two straight appearances at state early exits have been the theme for Heart River and this year they want more.

​"To go up against some of the heavyweights and hold our own has been really empowering for some of these kids and I hope it holds over to like basketball just because we are small doesn't mean we cant win we can compete with anybody," said Schillo.​

Heart River wraps up regular season play May 7 against Washburn.