Hazen Bison win over Heart River

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Last Friday I was in Hazen as the Bison hosted the Heart River Cougars. The Bison got the 44-13 win over the Cougars that night, and while the score says one thing, Coach Bret Johnsrud knows there’s room for improvement.

"We've got some issues up front that we've got to take care of just on getting to the right assignments and finishing blocks,” said Johnsrud. “You know and then of course holding onto the ball, too many turnovers tonight for us, even on a win it's too many turnovers. What I liked is our lineman responded tonight. They did a nice job up front pushing the car is what we call it, and they just did a nice job. They got hats on guys and they made the right block."

Following their first win of the season last week, these boys look ahead to this Friday, as they have to face Trinity.

Junior quarterback Isaac Doll said: "Things are definitely going to have to change with just some of the, how they run their defense and just how they run their offense, we're just going to have to scout them pretty well. I know they're going to be probably a little stronger, a little bigger, but we can definitely handle that and just keep working, keep grinding in practice and just go from there."

Tyson VanInwagen, Hazen Junior Running Back adds that they have to have the "same mindset. Execute. Get our minds straight, Trinity I think is a better team, and it will be a lot harder."

The Bison and the Titans will take the field in Dickinson this Friday night.