Gymagic welcomes new Minot area facility for local athletes

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MINOT, N.D. - Gymagic has moved to just south of Nedrose High School in a brand new gymnastics facility.

Gymagic's open gyms give athletes a chance to try their hand at gymnastics in a facility that just opened in September.

“Open gym is great. It does give people a chance to kind of come in the gym and see how things work. You could be competitive or you could just be in gymnastics and be the one who can flip, or who can do something going backwards, where everyone else is like, 'whoa, wow,'” said Robbie Werchau, competitive director.

It's not just a stand-alone sport, the skills learned in gymnastics can translate to the field, court or track.

“You can improve a lot in like coordination, flexibility, a lot of aspects that you need for a lot of other sports. And also it's just a lot of fun,” said Drew Feist, recreational coach.

“We have a lot of gymnasts who start in gymnastics and end up being dancers or divers, or they run track and do hurdles, and long jump, and high jump, pole vault. It gives them a chance to know what their body is doing,” said Werchau.

And the reward of putting in the time to be great in the gym can last for years.

“We work a lot on flexibility, strength coordination, a lot of things like that. And we just have a lot of fun and the gymnasts work really hard to improve,” said Feist.

“It just kind of gets in your blood once you start, and it's in my blood and I love it. I love being with the kids, getting to know the girls, being with them from the time they're little to when they're older. I think is just an opportunity that a lot of coaches don't have,” said Werchau.

Gymagic gives its athletes a path to the podium, starting in the Magic City.

Open gyms run on Mondays and Fridays.

For more information on age groups and classes, check out Gymagic's web site or Facebook page.