Governors last stretch of the season

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Whether it’s baseball, basketball or football, by the time we get to the last stretch of the season, we all seem to wonder where it went. Here we are, with only a handful of games left for the Bismarck Governors, and we’re thinking that exact thing. Where has the legion baseball season gone.

After this year, the Governors will be losing a handful of players, four of which are already playing in college, but as Head Coach Mike Skytland puts it, he’s enjoying every moment coaching these guys while it lasts.

"Yeah, you start to see, you know the end of the season comes just so fast,” said Skytland. “And you definitely appreciate the kids that have been with the program a couple of years, and it's amazing all of a sudden they're in their last few games. It just kind of hits you fast, but I guess you try to look back at all the good times you've had with them, but also think you can make a run through the tournament and hopefully finish on a high note, and that kind of makes everyone feel better."

Winning state is everyone’s goal, but it would mean a lot more to the guys playing their final season with the Govs, as Matt Guenther said: "Obviously we only have a few weeks left, but if you think about it, starting now, the most important part is coming up. Obviously you want to perform your best at state, and I think we're starting to play the level of baseball that we want to be at and we're starting to lock in right now."

Governors catcher Ben Weaver adds that, 'I believe we have, as four of us returners have accomplished a lot so far, but our biggest concern is winning state before we head off into the real world in college."

You can hear more from Ben Weaver Wednesday as Kaleigh puts him in this week’s Sports Spotlight.