Gold medal winning men's sled hockey team in North Dakota

MINOT, N.D. - Friday, Bottineau Public School had some special guests come speak to them. The gold medal winning USA Men's Sled Hockey team came for a once in a life time experience.

Each member of the 16-man team, shared their unique story. Whether they are a military veteran who lost a limb while serving, cancer survivors or born without legs, these guys all share a unique bond and want to inspire those around them.

"We are coming out here, we are spreading our word and spreading out message. And I think that's the importance of it. It's less about how many gold medals or what kind of merits we have, more about where we came from and what our background is. To us, it means a lot. It is great to be able to show people our abilities rather than our disabilities,” said Steve Cash, goalie.

The head coach, David Hoff, is a teacher, athletic director and hockey coach for Bottineau. He says he knows how special this opportunity is for both his team and the community.

"They left a message with young kids about how you treat people who look different. Don't be intimidated by somebody who is sitting in a wheel chair. That I can't go up and talk to someone like that. Also following your dreams. Trying to be the best you can be. You don't have to be the best in the world, but be the best that you can be and maybe that will allow you to do those things,” says David Hoff, Head Coach of the USA Men’s Sled Hockey Team

Those in attendance were able to ask the team questions, meet the players and even get gear signed.