Friendly competition at Wee Links Golf Course

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MINO,T N.D. - Kids 13 and under took to the green in a tournament at the Wee Links Golf Course.

"A lot of these kids play here regularly. They know the course. Yes they were excited to play. They couldn't wait and there were a few that showed up late so our start was delayed but they were all anxious to play," said Jeff MacQueen, North Dakota Golf Association member.

Twenty-two golfers made up this friendly competition, but they weren't all going up against each another.

"Eight and under, nine to 11, and 12 and 13 year olds," said MacQueen.

Staff say that seeing young kids golfing should inspire other kids to take up the game.

"This is an amazing little course. It's nine holes so this is just an amazing layout. I understand they get a lot of play out here and every town should have a little course like this," said MacQueen.

Teaching kids early that fun and competition are both par for the course.

Golfers played the course twice for a full 18 holes in Wednesday's tournament.