Fit Tips: Racquetball

MINOT, N.D. - Racquetball is a great way to stay moving especially as the days get colder.

Jack Springgate stepped onto the court to see if he could handle what other players were serving up in this week’s Fit Tip.

I’m at the Minot YMCA racquetball courts where I'm trying to work my way up to the top to be king of the court in your weekly Fit Tip. I'm joined by Steve Knowles who's letting me hit in with his group.

Springgate: Steve, what are a few things that I need to know before I step out onto the court?

Knowles: So in racquetball the game you play is up to 15 points. Depending on the skill level of the players, if they're high level players, a game could take 15 minutes to a half hour. To start the rally you have to bounce it then hit it and it has to hit the front wall first. Then the ball has to land in this big rectangle back here somewhere.

Springgate: Alright Steve. Now that you've given me your strategy, how about a quick game to five?

Instead of playing Steve, I got his state champion son Brian instead. His experience showed and my lack of experience showed too. I still got some quality shots in, but Brian had his way in this matchup.

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