Fit Tips: Tennis

MINOT, N.D. - Not all your workouts need to be in a gym. Jack Springgate hit the only tennis courts in town where you can play when there's snow on the ground in this week's Fit Tip.

I'm Jack Springgate at the Cameron Indoor Tennis Center with Director of Tennis Marc White where I'm going to try and knock the rust of my tennis game in your weekly Fit Tip. Marc, I grew up playing this sport so I definitely know what benefits it can have on you overall physical fitness, but how can the regular everyday person work this into their weekly routine and have a fun time as well?

“Thats a great question Jack. I like to say that tennis is fun, it's fitness, and it's forever. When the cold winter months come ahead, we have four indoor courts here and we've got a lot of great programs to get you started in your tennis,” White said.

What fitness areas does tennis work out? Is it cardio, is it agility, is it hand eye coordination?

“Well it's all three of those actually, but number one, I like to have tennis players work on their balance. So their balance and then we even have a cardio program here and high-end intense sessions where we work on cardiovascular movement. Come out, you don't need much equipment at all. You need a good attitude and a want to have fun,” White said.

Alright Marc, enough talking. I'm ready to get out and hit some tennis balls.

“I am too, so let’s go out and hit some tennis balls,” White said.

Alright, that was a great hit. I'm dripping in sweat so you know that was some great cardio, and I think I hit the ball pretty well too.

“You're a natural Jack. It was great having you here,” White said.

Well it was a lot of fun. For Fit Tips, I'm Jack Springgate with coach Marc White. Stay Active