First victory of the season is big for Mandan Braves

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MANDAN, N.D. - A quick look at the record indicates it’s been a difficult season for the Mandan football team, which makes what the Braves accomplished last week, so much sweeter.

Mandan beat Legacy in overtime - the first time the Braves have been able to celebrate a victory this season.

"It finally felt great because our boys finally get a piece of what they've been waiting for, in some sense, all of their football career. Those varsity wins like that are the reason we work hard in the weight room over the summer for. They work hard going to camps and things for those varsity wins, so that's great for our young guys and our seniors to get wins like that, especially those sweet overtime wins. It make it just that much better," says Dale Spilman, Mandan Braves senior.

Mandan Head Coach Todd Sheldon says it’s important to take steps forward whether it’s in games or practice.

“Trying to take positive stuff out of it. We didn't play very well against Williston in a lot of respects, so it was really nice to see us get some things going. We were much more effective running the ball than we were all year, and we were more effective with the passing game and broke some tackles after the catch and did some nice things that way, so it was very satisfying,” says Sheldon.

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