Fire hydrants in the snow

MINOT, N.D. – With snow comes messy roads, blocked driveways and things can even get buried under all the snow.

After a big snow storm like the one we just had, fire hydrants get buried and it makes it very difficult to be able find them.

During an emergency, time is of the essence, but when Minot Fire Department is responding to a fire that time may be taken away from the fire dealing with something completely preventable.

"When you are looking at the need for water, and now the need for shoveling or moving snow away from the hydrant to access the water, absolutely. Time is always being spent with things like that when we could be getting water on the fire instead of trying to limit our resources and use them to shovel around that and get access to the water first,” said Stuart Hammer, the fire inspector with Minot Fire Department.

There is no specific city ordinance requiring residence to clear hydrants, but when you think about your safety and the safety of your neighbors, Hammer says it's worth the extra effort.

Fire fighters ask that you please dig out fire hydrants that are near your residence so they can easily get to them if needed.