Fans cheer on Bison at official watch site in Velva

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VELVA, N.D. - There are a lot of places you could've watched NDSU football this season, but only a few venues on this part of the state have the title as the Official Watch Party for Bison football.

The Star City Golf Course in Velva is one of a handful of official watch parties in the western part of North Dakota.

“We've been doing this for about eight years. Velva's a fortunate town. We have a lot of high school students that played football at NDSU,” said Randy Hauck, NDSU alum and Velva resident.

This is the first season venues had to pay to call themselves an official Bison watch site, but for members of Star City, the $500 fee was a no brainer.

“We're one of the only ones west of Fargo. There's only a handful of them. So we're one of them and we decided we were going to pay the $500 because we're an official watch site and we've been one since 2010,” said Johnny Johnson, Star City Golf Course president.

The Bison even sent the golf club some NDSU gear and team maker status for supporting the team whether they're in Fargo or Frisco.