FB & Ranching in Bowman County

Published: Oct. 30, 2019 at 10:22 AM CDT
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Bowman County made a run all the way to the football semi-finals last year. The Bulldogs fell one win short of the Dakota Bowl.

They returned a ton of talent from that team and the experience was an excellent learning tool but day-to-day duties also teach us valuable life lessons and you draw on what to know.

Bowman is in the heart of ranch country and Bulldogs senior Mitch Stuber uses one to explain the other.

In my over three decades of covering high school sports, this is one of the best soundbites I've ever heard.

"I think it's given us a lot of confidence, sometimes too much I think when it comes to practicing. We're not always the most prepared and not always the most tuned in sometimes. My team kind of reminds me of working calves a couple of days because we we're weaning some calves, so when you're working with calves they are not used to going through chutes and everything, and they're not very smart going down the ally way, and it's a lot more work. Where as if you have experienced three or four-year-old registered cows that have already been through there a hundred times and they just walk right up through there sometimes. Our team is a little bit dysfunctional when it comes to practice, but they're all super hard workers and they're really good at adapting, and I think that's why we've been such a second half team over the last couple of years," said Mitch Stuber, Bowman County senior C-DE.

I have never heard working with calves compared to football practice but Mitch does a wonderful job tying the two together in a way a rancher understands. The Bulldogs opponents understand that they have to slow down one of the best quarterbacks in Class-A to have a chance to win, Jacob Svihovec.

Todd Frie, Bowman County Head Coach, "We run a college style system so he's got a lot of learning curve but he's a smart kid and he's able to pick up on things you know different coverage's that he sees and having Coach Walker coach him a former QB that really helps."

Coach Walker is Nick, the Dickinson State hall of famer who left Pete Stanton's staff to return to Bowman County.

Ryan will have much more on Jacob tomorrow in the Sports Spotlight.

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