Dickinson State University’s rebounding queen

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DICKINSON, N.D. - Dickinson State women’s basketball is 21-5 and have won 14 straight games. That doesn’t happen without a few special contributors, like Megan Klein.

The Blue Hawks senior from Killdeer is the North Star Player of the Week for her 19 point, 22 rebounding effort against Dakota State. Megan also became the all-time leading rebounder in Hawks history.

Head Coach of the Blue Hawks, Mark Graupe says, “she’s got a real nose for the ball.”

And as Senior Guard Taylor Henningsgard says, “her ability to rebound keeps us in a lot of the games.”

Klein has 14.3 rebounds per game, which leads the country for the second straight year.

“Sometimes we rely too much on Megan, where we don’t have other ladies going after the basketball,” Graupe says.

Henningsgard adds, “a lot of us know that, if we can keep our girl from rebounding it that Megan’s going to get it.”

Early on in her career, Klein wasn’t exactly the same force down low.

Graupe says: "She was a part-time starter, not getting a ton of minutes, and she just, about two years ago, in January, something happened. She started clicking and started rebounding everything in sight and ever since then she's just taken great pride in rebounding and she's just been a Godsend for this team."

So, what clicked? “I guess I kind of just realized one day that I wasn't contributing enough to the team at the time,” Klein says. “'Cause we had a losing record at the time. So one day I was like, you know, I've got to contribute somehow, and rebounding's more of effort than it is talent. And I gave it a shot one game and it worked, so I just kept it rolling, and it still works to this day, so I'm just sticking with it I guess."

Klein has helped the Blue Hawks roll to 14 straight wins, which seemed like a pipe-dream after losing their starting four, Leslie Beadoin to an ACL injury.

"There are some gals that we just felt we couldn't do without, and Leslie was one of them. So that even put all the more pressure on Megan, because Leslie we were hoping to take some of the rebounding pressure off Megan, so now she's got the world on her shh-- weight of the world on her shoulders.” Graupe adds. “And, she does, every night, we can count on her for 15 a night, sometimes 20 and it's just unbelievable how she just goes after every rebound."

Behind the collective effort of Klein and company, Dickinson State’s put 21 wins, on the board, and counting.

The Blue Hawks are looking to make it 15 straight this Friday in a big game against Jamestown. Both teams are nationally rated.